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For one to calculate the target time for finishing the race, the use of the target time in hours and minutes, and sometimes seconds is important. The calculator will also need to use the fade amount during the race. This is entered in miles per second or in a percentage of the race’s miles you expect to use a slower pace. You can then select the specific type of calculation you want to get, and then entering the miles you expect to cover. The calculator generates the results for you. Generally, you can get the results of the average mile pace despite the figures you used. More specific to your calculation input, you will be able to get an average pace for each mile as soon as you apply the fade.

In addition, when one uses the half marathon pace calculator, they are able to determine their realistic ability during the race. With the statistics, you can determine your best time of finishing the race, and you can always work towards improving on that.


At Bucknell Maths we believe that the best way to develop children's mathematical ability and to build on the skills they are learning in school is to practice at home. But few of us have either the time or the appropriate skills to coach our child every night, one to one tuition is expensive, and paper-based practice is just plain boring and takes too long to mark!

The Bucknell Maths program has been specially devised to help children help themselves. Our series of PC-based interactive exercises allows children to practice all aspects of the Maths curriculum and is fully in line with the Primary Framework for Mathematics. It is a software-based system that is easy and fun to use, requires no prior training or technical expertise and is supported by a network of qualified teachers as children's personal tutors. You can browse this website for more information about a calculator .



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